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Handmade necklace from greek Pentelic marble.


Style from ancient Greek drawings made from Pentelic marble.


Collection of items in different dimensions.

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Who we are

Helleniculture - Greek jewelry from pentelic marble



We have taken all the patterns, shapes pictures and symbols of the ancient greek civilization and using the Pentelic Marble, the important mineral from which the most important monuments and statues of the ancient world have been carved, we have created this jewellery with a flair of ancient civilization and contemporary culture. These pieces of jewellery are works of art, dedicated to all the peoples of the planet who love and are interested in the ancient greek culture, and constitute cultural heritage.


Wear something special
Something natural and unique
Something rare and magnificent
Wear timeless flair
From Ancient Civilization
And contemporary culture
Stand out combining
The infinite beauty
Natural beauty
Civilization and Culture
Wear unique jewellery
Made from the most natural cultural mineral flair of the planet.




With the purchase of a jewel, the customer becomes a ambassador of the ancient Greek civilization.

Hellenic Culture


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